Locking Mailbox Opportunity

Ever wonder what happened when you went out to your mailbox and found it empty? Was it just a "no ad" day, or were you just the second person to open your mailbox that day?  How about when you went out of town for awhile and had to ask a neighbor to bring in your mail, or the USPS to place a hold on your mail? OR, worst case, are you one of our unfortunate neighbors who have had mail stolen? While this has not been a frequent occurrence in Discovery lately, I can personally attest to the immediate alarm and confusion -- and the subsequent frustrating hours spent figuring out the damage and recovering from it -- that occur when you find out your mailbox was not supposed to be empty that day!

Your HOA Board has established a program to provide an affordable, secure mail delivery option to help address these concerns. They agreed to offer you an Oasis TriBolt locking mailbox at a reduced rate of $150, which includes installation. You've probably seen a number of these in Discovery as they are the best suited for retrofitting to our unique Discovery Mailbox Structures. For most of us, that is a significant savings in both money and effort. 

Here is how it works:

1. You may submit a request in any of three ways
   - By mail to: DHA Locking Mailbox
                       P.O. Box 49548
                       Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9548
   - By email to admin@discoveryhoa.com
   - By calling our administrator (Rick Midtbo) at (719) 964-4122. Leave a detailed message if there is no answer.

2. We will contact you to confirm receipt of your request and agree on an installation date and time. It is necessary for someone to be present to pay for the mailbox and accept the keys.

3. When the mailbox is installed, you will write a check back to the Discovery Homeowners Association for $75, and make a separate $75 payment (cash or check) to the installer.

This offer is only good for our Discovery HOA properties.  Please don't hesitate to discuss it with your neighbors, but don't consider "sharing" it with your friends and family members outside of Discovery.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your HOA Board