Items of Interest

COVENANTS CHANGE:  The ballot measure to increase our Discovery HOA dues to $90 per year passed, 189 "YES" and 44 "NO."  233 of our properties voted (71%) and 189 of those voting (81%) approved the dues increase. 165 was the minimum number of "YES" votes required for the measure to pass. As a result, Discovery HOA 2024 annual assessments will be $90 due on 1 May, 2024. Please plan accordingly.

ANNUAL MEETING:  Our 2023 Annual Meeting was held from 7:00 - 8:30 on Thursday, October 5, in Room 100 of the Woodmen Chapel Administration building. The meeting was proceeded by a social and registration period from 6:30 - 7:00, with light refreshments and an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new neighbors. Details are available here.

WATERING RESTRICTIONS:  Watering restrictions are eased between October 15 and May 1 each year.  Remember, while trees, shrubs and grasses are dormant during late fall and winter, they still need mosisure and our snowfalls are frequently not sufficient to avoid permanent damage. Please remember to drag your hose or get our your watering can during winter periods of warmer weather.  Details of the water conservation program can be found here

SUMMER IS OVER..AND SO ARE THE GREEN WEEDS: Now that the weather has started turning cooler, many of our plants -- including "weeds" -- have started turning brown and dying off. Some neighbors believe that means their yard maintenance responsibilities are on hold until Spring. On the contrary, yards look awful with weeds sprouting out of them, particularly "zeroscaped" (rocked) yards. While they are impossible to mow, the weed problems can be dealt with by either pulling by hand or spraying with a herbicide. Whichever you choose, please do so soon to kill them off now and avoid an even more unappealing and labor-intensive yard in the Spring! Thanks.

LOCKING MAILBOXES: We still have a few mailboxes in-house but there is currently no plan to purchase and offer more at a discount. If you've been considering getting one, now is the time! Details are here.

SIDEWALK OBSTRUCTIONS: As mentioned earlier, some of our mature shrubs (particularly junipers and pines!) extend over our sidewalks and thus interfere with clear passage. This becomes even more of a problem when they are loaded down with wet snow! City Ordinance 3.4.103 requires:  "Every owner and occupant of real property within the City shall keep the public sidewalks which abut or are adjacent to their real property, or public sidewalks located upon real property subject to a public easement or right of way, in a clean condition free from projections and obstructions across the surface, debris, litter, or dangerous conditions not involving the structural integrity of the sidewalk."  

The City also requires that we clean our sidewalks for safe passage within 24 hours of the cessation of snowfall. If you are physically unable to do so -- or if you simply would like a reference for snow shoveling by neighborhood "entrepreneurs" -- contact our Neighbor-2-Neighbor committee at We all benefit from safe sidewalks in the winter.


We are aware of the presence of a few storage sheds in Discovery. Some were approved…and some “magically appeared.”  No further violations of ARC Approval will be permitted. Any future sheds discovered to have been constructed without ARC approval will be subject to relocation or removal at the owner's expense.  Please review the information on sheds in our FAQ area before you decide if you need a shed in your yard.

Your FALL 2023 Newsletter is now available in the Documents area. We hope you find it both interesting and useful.