Board of Directors - 2021         

Your current Board of Directors as approved at the 2020 Annual Meeting is detailed below. 2021 duties were determined at the January 2021 meeting. 

We are always looking for neighbors who may be interested in serving on the Board.  If you might be interested in serving in some capacity on the Board, please let us know at .

 Gary Morrell

 Betsy Cook

 Emily Park* 

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)                       
 Andreas Ballard, Chairman
 Emily Park*
 Chris Scott
 Jan Doran*
 Katie Doyle

Covenant Compliance                                                    
 Ed Moore
 Jan Doran*

Welcome Committee                                                     
 Linda Leiss Landry

Governmental Agencies Liaison                                    
 Jan Doran*

Administrator/Webmaster                                              OR
 Rick Midtbo                                                                   
 c: (719) 964-4122

We are fortunate to have the experience and enthusiasm of these dedicated volunteers as we strive to serve the best interests of our community

*Jan Doran and Emily Morrell serve in multiple capacities, as needed.