Recent Vehicle Break-in

Please be aware!

In November, one of our Discovery neighbors reported his vehicles being broken into while parked in his driveway and items stolen. This burglary happened on Delmonico Drive, which is our busiest street. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere in Discovery!

If you must leave your vehicle(s) outside at night, please lock them and remove any items of value or items that could be used to access your property. Remember, while you may feel justified leaving a package in plain sight because it contains nothing of value, the person who breaks out your window or otherwise damages your vehicle doesn't know that until later, and the result may be hundreds of dollars in repairs for you! 

This most recent burglary activity was reported to CSPD. Because such break-ins are a felony, it is required that you, should you become a victim, report such events to the police.

Thank you,

Discovery HOA Board