Firewise Information for 2023


The Wildfire Mitigation Program of the Colorado Springs Fire Department has once again scheduled two Firewise pickup sessions for Discovery (May 29-June 12 and August 28-September 11). These will provide excellent opportunities to dispose of leftover debris from spring and summer cleanups, but please remember there are specific requirements for registration as well as limits on the girth and stacking of debris (below). NOTE: These are again two-week sessions...WE DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHEN THE CHIPPING WILL OCCUR DURING THESE SESSIONS. You must have your debris stacked curbside by 8:00 AM on the first Monday morning of the session(s) for which you register. Addresses not registered will not be picked up!

There are still a lot of trees and shrubs to be trimmed and thinned or eliminated -- as well as dead trees and bushes to be removed -- before we are as safe as possible from wildfire. For instance, there are many dead pine and aspen trees in Discovery and many of them are mature enough to hang over rooflines.  Also, many neighborhood Juniper plants are now over 40 years old -- green outside but full of dead branches and air on the inside.  The CSFD commonly refers to these plants as "fire on a stick" and "blow torches!"

If you have such junipers in close proximity to your home, please consider removing them! They are not only a fire hazard, but also often serve as homes for rats and other less desirable wildlife neighbors. if you have such junipers on a corner obscuring the clear line of sight of oncoming traffic, they are a violation of City Ordinance as well as our Covenants. TAKE THEM OUT!  Contact the administrator at or 719-964-4122 if you would like FREE help trimming or removing them.

Please keep in mind the following Chipping Program criteria: 

  • Homeowners MUST REGISTER to participate in either event (use phone number or link below) even if you have already had a consultation - please don't wait until the last minute as the CSFD may not have the resources available for your consultation!
  • Residents must have had an onsite consultation OR attended a neighborhood chipping orientation meeting in the past 5 years (Discovery last hosted one on on April 21, 2022).
  • CSFD will chip materials up to 9" in diameter; their equipment cannot accept larger debris
  • Material must be curbside by 8 AM Monday morning and will be picked up by the end of the second week
  • The CSFD will not drive up and down every street looking for stray piles and will NOT return for "late stacks" or neighbors who did not register for a pickup
  • Debris piles must be stacked appropriately; incorrectly stacked piles will not be picked up (please see the attached flier for pile stacking guidelines). 

The Colorado Springs Fire Department attributes the success of the Wildfire Mitigation Program to the work that we all do to spread the word and support their efforts. Some of our residents may not have discovered our website yet; some are renters who may not receive our newsletters; others may choose not to read them. Whatever the reason, we received comments in the past that some of our residents would have participated had they only known! Please ensure your neighbors are aware of this great opportunity to make their properties -- and all of Discovery -- more fire safe. Thank you!

To sign up for chipping, residents may contact the Wildfire Mitigation Program Coordinator, Ashley Whitworth, directly at (719) 385-7493 or  Or, you may sign up by accessing and scrolling down the "Chipping Sign-Up Form" box to fill out the registration form. 

Be sure you sign up for the chipping event in which you wish to participate (or both).

Direct your Firewise questions or concerns to:

Ashley Whitworth
Wildfire Mitigation Program Coordinator
Colorado Springs Fire Department
375 Printers Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Office: (719) 385-7493
Fax: (719) 385-7334