The Bears are Back Early this Year!

The Gazette has already reported bear sightings this year. It seems our unusually warm winter is disrupting at least some bears' body clocks!

It’s true. At least some of the bears are back! They've come out of hibernation early and are looking for food wherever they can find it. Maybe it’s fresh new leaves on the trees and other tasty forest morsels. However, most of the spring trees and shrubs weren't fooled, so that natural bear food is in short supply. More likely, it’s your garbage can or your bird feeder or your open garage door with a fully stocked freezer. YES, they can open your freezer and dump it all out for a very tasty meal. Your pet food dishes left on the deck or patio will be a snack along the way. 

We are bound by the Colorado Springs City Ordinance aimed at discouraging bears from scavenging in our neighborhood. If you don't want to incur the expense of a "bear-proof" garbage bin, you must store your container(s) in your closed garage until your trash collection day. Please also remember that our Covenants require that any trash container stored outside - even the "bear-proof ones - must be concealed "...behind decorative fencing or otherwise hidden from view of the street and adjacent lots, except on the day of trash pickup."

Once a bear finds food treasure on your property, he or she will return and maybe even try to check out your open patio door and come in for a spell. It wasn't that long ago that a woman in Woodman Valley heard noises in her kitchen and found two large bear cubs foraging in her pantry!

Do not approach a bear on your property – observe it from the safety of your home. If you’re concerned about their behavior, please call the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 719-227-5250.